Right so you have your camera and lenses. You can’t do much with just that, right?

Here is an idea on what we can offer, so you’re ready to shoot.


1x 6-Way V Lock Kit

2x Block Batteries

Wireless Focus

1x Arri WCU-4 Kit

Wireless Video

1x Teradek 500 triple receiver Kit


1x TV-Logic 5.5″ Batteries Included

1x TV Logic 7″ Batteries Included

1x TV Logic 17″

Camera Grip

1x O-Connor 2060 Ultimate HeadMOY

1x Ronford Baker Tall & Short Sticks MOY

1x High Hat MOY

1x Easy Rig Vario 5 c/w Serene Arm

1x Magliner Senior

1x Apple Box Set (Nested)

Matte Box

1x Arri LMB-25


1x IRND Filter Net

1x Linear Polariser

1x Circular Polariser

1x Effect Filter Set